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Early bird tickets are on sale now through Jan 20th for Fission's inaugural @causalislands conference.

Join us in Toronto for presentations on , distributed systems, , , and more.

Buy your tickets today before the price increases:

OH: This picture doesn't do justice to how big this book is, so here it is in the movie Hackers, for scale:

WhoCAN and the Name Name Service introduce a new way to share permissions with keys without knowing what those keys are.

Want to learn more? Be sure to join the monthly UCAN community calls!

Learn more about @functionland's blockchain-attached storage solution here:

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Functionland is integrating Fission's WNFS into the Fula Protocol to empower developers with a ready-to-go decentralized and encrypted file system. They created a bridge for rs-wnfs to enable mobile developers to use it in React Native!

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Their FxBlox replaces centralized storage and enables users to manage their own personal servers.

This is made possible by the Fula Protocol and Fula Network, which enable p2p sharing.

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Our Projects We Love series continues with Functionland. @functionland is a decentralized cloud alternative that is built with user-owned data and privacy in mind.

Join us in one hour for the first IPVM Community Call of the year! Learn all about how we're bringing content addressed computation to IPFS.

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It was great to meet Louisa & Drew at the space last week. It’s gorgeous old building in Vancouver.

And yes, of course you can get your picture taken with some Internet Archive servers! #YVRDWebSocial

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@gordon at it again, this time with some hunches about how LLMs like ChatGPT affect the scarcity of content production.

What becomes scarce when it costs nothing to generate the next piece of content?

1. Attention
2. Trust
3. Using data lock-in as a moat

Glad that Subconscious & Noosphere are at the spear's tip on how we might imagine a better future internet. Right up there with @spritelyinst and @fission who are also worth watching here!

Join us and the Internet Archive in Vancouver!
RT @bmann
We’re doing a event in !

Turns out there’s now a edition of the Internet Archive, and they’ve got an amazing space in downtown Vancouver. So we’re kicking off the year with

Join us Jan25th at 6pm

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We’re doing a #Dweb event in #Vancouver!

Turns out @internetarchive has a #Canada version now, and a physical space called The Permanent in downtown Vancouver.

So we’re kicking off the year with #YVRDWebSocial

Join us Jan 25th at 6pm for a couple of talks followed by a social

We initiated the CAIP-25 RPC Methods in response to MetaMask deprecating ETH encrypt/decrypt, and we are working with others in CASA to document a secure way for blockchain key material to be used for encryption and decryption.

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Fission is a member of the Chain Agnostic Standards Alliance (@ChainStandards), working to make blockchains interoperable.

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I've talked a lot about the decentralized database work I've been doing with Datalog, at @fission, and some of you have expressed interest in following along more closely, so I'm going to start tracking some weekly notes on my progress here:

I'm about three weeks into implementation, but things are speeding along!

Check out this adorable mascot for our friends at @capyloon designed by @bruno_monts! Did you know that Capyloon is building an open source mobile OS using the protocol, , and ? Learn all about it on our blog!

Are you interested in distributed systems, cryptography, human/computer interaction, or programming language theory? We're exploring these subjects + more at @causalislands, our inaugural Future of Computing conference. Buy your Early Bird tickets today!

Want to learn more about IPVM? Join us for our next community call!

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Fission is working on using CIDs in our Interplanetary Virtual Machine, where CIDs represent both requests and responses. This structure will allow us to run complex calculations more efficiently.

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