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really are just getting started, so I put together a page on @fission’s public wiki with links to some resources

We’re working on adding passkey support to our and libraries which currently use the browser WebCryptoAPI for passwordless logins

RhizomeDB's CRDT database structure can then efficiently use these hash-linked files, allowing offline access.

Learn more about RhizomeDB by joining our Fission Reactor community calls:

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IPFS, WNFS, and CRDTs, that's how!

@IPFS allows us to store data on decentralized nodes and link to them via content addressing, and Fission's WNFS allows us to have our own encrypted file system.

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Many parts of the world do not have access to reliable Internet. People are also on the go and do much of their computing on their phones.

Therefore, it's important that Fission builds a decentralized database that works offline.

How will we do this?

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Release Engineering Is Exhausting So Here's cargo-dist!

Helping your Rust projects ship prebuilt binaries that others can actually use without you having to become a Github CI Expert (or Rust Toolchain Expert) ((or OS integration expert)) (((or...)))

Are you excited about the wider adoption of the decentralized web?


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CIDs are how we locate data stored in IPFS, and are a building block of the decentralized web.

These CIDs act as hard links (new for the web!), and provide a direct reference while deduplicating files.

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A CID, or Content Identifier, is a type of content addressing that includes both a cryptographic hash and a codec (used to encode and decode data). In other words, it identifies the data and provides a way to interpret it.

What is one piece of open-source software that has changed your life for the better?

What does user agency mean to you? What expectations do you have about managing your data?

Are you building an app for a Web3 audience and wondering how you should handle user accounts?

WalletAuth is the blockchain-native way for users to log in to an app built with Webnative.

In one hour we are starting the first Distributed Systems Reading Group meeting of the year! We’ll be discussing Reflections on trusting distributed trust (2022, HotNets) by Dauterman, et. al.

Join us here:

Web3 composable communities can help act as a bridge for new users by allowing them to see the benefits right away instead of asking them to adopt a new technology on their own.

Read more here:


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“Web3 builders could entice web2.5 users to join web3 by unifying their fragmented web2 history into a consolidated digital identity.” (2/3)

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Interesting article from @future on “community composability”. It’s the idea that we can take the best parts of the communities we love and bring them together to build something new. (1/3)

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Last night I went to the Fission Labs (@fission) DWeb meetup at the Permanent Library in Vancouver, which is an outpost of @internetarchive

Cool builiding. Cool that the Archive is here. Cool talks from @blaine and Claire Atkin (@Catthekin) - I’m big fans of both but hadn’t met Claire before.

My first venture out of pandemic semi-seclusion in a long while; so nice. Thanks!

I strongly recommend any future tech events at this venue.

With the news of being deployed in space, do you think we’ll see an increase in adoption of edge storage and computing as a result of a renewed commitment to space 🚀exploration?

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I went to the Fission Labs (@fission) DWeb meetup at the Permanent Library in Vancouver. For many of the attendees legal and compliance issues are way out in front of the technical topics.

In Canada, groups like are working to amortize the costs and risks across the larger community. But many hands make light work.

At the event @catthekin seres up the truth about the relationship between digital ads and misinformation

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